October 1, 2023
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GMAT Score for ISB | What Do You Need To Be Admitted

Indian School of Business, also known as ISB, is a top business school in India and is well-known for its premier Post Graduate Programme (PGP).GMAT score. There are two cutting-edge campuses for this business school, one in Hyderabad and one in Mohali.

The carefully designed one-year programme at ISB combines a demanding, research-based curriculum with useful industry applications in its pursuit of creating global leaders. For professionals in the middle of their careers, the school offers a rewarding opportunity to develop into world leaders equipped to handle problems both now and in the future.

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About ISB

In India, ISB has two campuses, one in Telangana in the south and one in Punjab in the north. Both ISB Hyderabad and Mohali require roughly the same GMAT score. The ISBs are well known for their specialized business graduate programs, which are intended to provide you with a holistic and thorough understanding of business.

The ISB programmes include a demanding, research-based curriculum as well as several chances for gaining practical expertise. The Post Graduate Curriculum in Management (PGP), a unique one-year programme that concentrates on the global business sector, is another service provided by ISB Hyderabad. Therefore, it’s crucial to earn a decent GMAT score to make the ISB GMAT cutoff in order to be admitted to the prestigious Indian School of Business. Because of the college’s reputation and widespread recognition, which implies high-quality training and education, ISB graduates frequently land well-paying positions.

Why is ISB in Demand?

One of India’s top business schools is the Indian School of Business or ISB. The college is routinely ranked among the top 25 business schools in the world, surpassing IIMs, the major players in the Indian business school landscape, according to the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking. It is so easy to understand why Indian MBA aspirants pick ISB and why entry is so difficult.

Even though the ISB MBA programme has a number of criteria, the GMAT score is one of the most crucial parts of the application package. The GMAT score required for admission to ISB, or several of what you may refer to as the Right ISB GMAT scores to be able to pass the ISB GMAT Cut Off, is the topic of this article.

Average GMAT score at ISB

The class of 2019 at ISB has an average GMAT score of 709. We can confidently anticipate that this trend might continue given that the average GMAT score for ISB has been hovering around 710 for the past few years.

At the macro level, we use a straightforward 5-step procedure to establish a suitable score for getting into ISB. To generate a safe bet for any B-school using this method, we add 20 points to the most recent batch’s average GMAT score. This suggests that a GMAT score of 730 or higher is necessary to be contacted for an ISB interview.

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What is the Right GMAT score to achieve ISB GMAT Cutoff?

Remember that there are a number of requirements in addition to the GMAT before you apply to the ISB. It demonstrates that while a passing score over a threshold is unavoidably required, a very high score is not a guarantee for admission because applications take into account a number of other factors, such as the applicant’s overall profile and work history.

We must examine the traits of the 2020 class if we are to comprehend the GMAT criteria in greater detail. There are two campuses for the ISB, one each in Mohali and Hyderabad. The 2020 class’s GMAT scores ranged from 600 to 770. The average GMAT score for the campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad was 708 and 710, respectively.


We will consider the information of applications, interviewees, and ultimately admitted candidates from the applicant pool for the class of 2020 in order to determine a desirable GMAT score for ISB.

This information was obtained from the ISB decision tracker page on the GMAT club website, where a number of applicants have updated the status of their applications.


  • With scores ranging from 710 to 740, a staggering 82 individuals were accepted into ISB.
  • For a score of 710, most applicants (58) and interview invitees (52) were registered.
  • A majority of candidates also received the acceptance letter, and all those with a score of 740 or more received an invitation to an interview.
  • 9 out of 11 applicants who received acceptance letters had a score of 740, which saw the highest admit rate (82%)
  • A substantial number of interview invitations were issued for GMAT scores between 690 and 740. (156)
  • While scores of 680 and higher have an invitation rate of more than 70%, scores of less than 710 have a much lower admit rate.
  • Even those who received significantly lower scores this year were invited. As we can see, 4 out of the 9 applicants who received a call for an interview and had a score of 650 were accepted.
  • Additionally, two applicants with scores of 610 and 620 were admitted to this prestigious business school.


  • According to the aforementioned findings, a GMAT score between 710 and 740 is ideal for receiving an invitation to an ISB interview.
  • Given that this range’s conversion ratio is greater than 65%, a score in this range will also be very useful for receiving the final admissions offer.
  • When you reach this range, all of your efforts should go into developing a strong online presence and excelling in interviews.

The fact that a handful of applicants with scores below 700 were also given consideration for interviews demonstrates that, with a strong performance on other application-process criteria, even applicants with low scores can succeed.

The path to ISB becomes easier if your score is in the area of 710 to 740, but only if your profile stands out in a large applicant pool.

GMAT Score Required for ISB Admissions

Knowing the ISB GMAT cutoff score from the previous few years is crucial to figuring out how much the GMAT score ISB requires. Let’s examine the ISB GMAT cutoff for the previous five years.

Year Average GMAT score for ISB Score range
2020 710 600-770
2019 709 600-780
2018 707 600-780
2017 704 600-770
2016 700 600-700

Although ISB hasn’t formally established a precise ISB GMAT cutoff score, the ISB average GMAT scores from past years make it abundantly evident that you may need to achieve a score of 700 or higher to be admitted. For ISB admissions, a 600 GMAT score remains the minimum. The higher your score is above the average GMAT score for ISB, the more likely it is that you will receive a final acceptance letter, even if a score of 710 or more will undoubtedly help you earn an interview call from ISB.

Given that the average GMAT score of the incoming class of 2020 was 710+, it is also noteworthy from the aforementioned chart that the ISB GMAT cutoff for 2020 was 710+. You’ll be happy to know that converting your GRE scores to GMAT scores will allow you to determine the ISB GRE cutoff. You may submit an application using your GRE score if it meets the standard ISB GMAT cutoff score range. Using the ISB GMAT number N2DJ501, you can email your GMAT results directly to the college after taking the exam.


Your ISB average GMAT score, however, is just one of the numerous variables taken into account throughout the admissions process. In other words, while a high score is required above a certain level, admission is not assured by this. Similarly, if you have a strong record in other areas, such as academic achievement, professional experience, volunteer work with non-profit organizations, etc., a low GMAT score won’t prevent you from getting admitted.

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